Spouse or Common-Law Partner Sponsorship

One of the objectives of the Immigration Law in Canada is the reunification of family members, hence the sponsorship of a Spouse or a Common-law partner has processing priority compared to other permanent residence programs. There are two types of programs that cover this subject:

  • Inland Sponsorship
  • Overseas Sponsorship

Each type of these applications has its advantages as well as disadvantages. It is the applicant and the sponsor who need to discuss and find out which program best suits their needs.

Inland Sponsorship

Inland spousal sponsorship gives applicants the ability to continue living in Canada while their application for permanent residence is processed. Although the applicant in such a case can travel abroad while an inland sponsorship application is being processed, yet, it is not recommended. In the event the sponsored person is denied re-entry into Canada, their sponsorship application may be deemed abandoned.


The applicant is eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit while the sponsorship application is being processed. The applicant in such case can work in Canada in any employment and in any location.

Overseas Sponsorship

This stream allows the sponsorship of the spouse / common-law partner no matter what their country of residence is. Although this program was designed for sponsored individuals living abroad, applicants residing in Canada may also opt to apply for overseas spousal sponsorship. This may enable them to travel in and out of Canada while their application is being processed.


The ease of traveling outside Canada without the fear of being denied re-entry and the fear that the application is considered abandoned.