Help during Admission

With this large number of learning institutions in North America and the competition between those ranked the highest worldwide, the search process for a study program became a nightmare for international students.

Checking the website of each institution, confirming the admission requirements, and then getting the authorization to study (Study permit, visa, etc). It is becoming more overwhelming than ever! 

Our partnership with ApplyBoard, the world’s largest online platform, enables us to connect students with more than 1,200 learning institutions (schools, colleges, and universities) in Canada and the United States.

This facilitates the process of searching for a study program that best meets the students’ background and interests, their online application as well as the acceptance process. All completed in a blink of an eye. 

By providing the required support through each step, we ensure a smooth transition. Starting with reviewing the completeness of the application, submitting the required documents, communicating with the learning institutions, and finally applying for the study permit.

You are only a few steps from achieving your dream! Let us be the hand that guides you through your journey.