Live as a Student in Canada


As a student, you need a convenient environment so you can be more productive and achieve your educational goals. Other factors involved in choosing your place of stay can be the cost of the accommodation, the desire to live the Canadian experience, and for sure safety.

Many universities offer the on-campus accommodation, whereas other options can be off-campus studios, apartments, or even the family stay program with gives another flavor to your Canadian experience.

Living Cost

This is an important topic and as an international student you need to do your research before moving to a specific city as living cost may largely vary.

Different websites can be helpful such as the general one for the Government of Canada, or the individual ones for each province as well as the website of the learning institution you are joining.


This can be a personal reference, as some students prefer public transportation, others like to use more muscles and enjoy biking. No matter what your choice is, as a foreign student it is advisable to know more about the subject before arriving to Canada, especially if you are interested in having your own car and you need a driver license.

Work (on- and off-campus)

Last, but not least, international students are always interested in working in Canada and gaining some experience while pursuing their studies. Depending on the study permit conditions, the student might be allowed to work on-campus, off-campus, as an intern or a co-op.

Each case has it is own particularity and eligibility requirements, such as being a part-time or a full-time student, your studies require a co-op job for your graduation, etc. Therefore, it is always recommended to check in advance and confirm what you are allowed to rather than being in violation of your study permit conditions.