Start Here

The following steps constitute our Procedure in handling Client files.
They may be tailored and adjusted to your specific needs and according to your circumstances.

Free Evaluation

01In this step, we will assess your eligibility for immigration for free.
Even before you retain our professional services, we will:

  1. Assess your qualifications.
  2. Respond to your Email inquiries.
  3. Discuss by telephone your options and concerns.

If a candidate does not qualify for immigration to Canada, the procedure stops there.

Retaining our Services

2A candidate who qualifies and decides to retain our professional immigration services will receive a retainer agreement (contract). After reading and signing the agreement he shall return it to us along with the first payment.

Application Process

3Once we receive the signed contract the application process begins. We will:

  1. Grant you Client Access to our secure web-based software solution.
  2. Determine your Immigration Category, by coordinating with you.
  3. Send you documentation and Instructions.
  4. Prepare drafts, review, revise and complete your File.
  5. Gather, review and archive all supporting documents and evidence.
  6. Submit File to the appropriate Immigration office.
  7. Communicate and liaise with Canadian Immigration Visa Offices.
  8. Prepare you for your personal interview & other processes.
  9. Track your case regularly. And intervene when necessary.
  10. Inform you of any updates until your Visa is issued

Pre-Departure Orientation

4After receiving your Visa and before leaving your country, we will:

  1. Send you information about Canada, regarding: Education, Employment, Housing, Health Care, Taxation, etc…
  2. Prepare and coordinate your arrival at a Canadian Port of Entry.

Post-Arrival Meeting

5After your arrival to Canada, we will meet with you to:

  1. Explain your rights and obligations as a Canadian Permanent Resident.
  2. Advise you about your future Canadian Citizenship.