Hotel Quarantine Rules for Air Travelers are in effect since Monday, February 22nd, 2021

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released the official date at a press conference on February 12, about two weeks after introducing the new coronavirus safety measure.

Air passengers will now have to take a COVID-19 test after landing in Canada and spend up to three days of their 14-day quarantine period in a designated hotel to await their test results.

This three-day quarantine in a government facility is meant to allow enough time for the results of a PCR test to come through. These coronavirus tests are more accurate than rapid testing.

Passengers must pre-book their hotel stay before arriving in Canada. The estimated cost to travelers who must quarantine in a hotel is $2,000. Hotel staff are required to transport travelers from the airport to their destination, provide meals, and allow access to internet, TV and radio.

International flights to Canada can only land in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto. In addition to the PCR test they receive at the Canadian airport, they need to provide proof of a negative test before departing from an international airport.

The federal government posted online a list of approved quarantine hotels.

In addition, all passengers will be required to submit their travel and contact information, including a suitable quarantine plan, electronically via ArriveCAN before crossing the border or boarding a flight.

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