UPDATES: International Experience Canada (IEC) – Working Holiday

The 2021 IEC season officially opens today March 1!

Pools for many countries are now open to new candidates, although certain countries will have to wait a bit longer. Some of the biggest participating countries with pools that opened on March 1 include Australia, France, and Ireland.

Those who are selected will be eligible to work in Canada. IEC is open to young adults who are citizens of foreign countries which have reciprocal agreements with Canada. The eligible age range depends on the country, but usually falls between 18 and 35 in some cases. Moreover, work permits under the IEC do not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

There are three different categories under the IEC:

  • Working Holiday,
  • Young Professionals, and
  • International Co-op.

In normal circumstances, Working Holiday visa holders do not need a job offer to land in Canada, but due to travel restrictions, a job offer is required to receive an invitation through this class. For now, everyone coming to Canada under the IEC needs a valid job offer, and a Letter of Introduction. Since participants under this program get an open work permit, they can work for any employer in Canada. It allows for a more customizable experience, as it is possible to change employers, or move locations with this permit.

In addition, they must also comply with the COVID-19 testing requirements, and mandatory quarantine.

Below is a list of the participating countries:

CountryWorking Holiday QuotaYoung Professional QuotaInternational Co-op Quota
Costa Rica80155
Czech Republic1,0001455
Hong Kong200xx
San Marino25xx
South Korea4,000xx
United Kingdom5,000xx

Interested in knowing more? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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